Watch Him Fuck Me

Sep 23, 2018

There’s not much I don’t love about BE….. other than we have busy schedules and with his work and mine we can’t see each other more often. That being said, he truly is the perfect “Boyfriend Experience”.  Every time I see him my heart goes pitter patter and it just feels amazing.  This time when I saw him was no less than what I’ve come to expect from BE.  We had planned to go to a swinger’s party in the city.  We got a hotel room to be closer to the event. BE picked a great hotel and we had an amazing corner room that was all glass windows floor to ceiling; with amazing views of the city.

When I arrive BE is still showering.  I love watching him with that gorgeous body as he’s lathering up. There’s my special gift I get to have later. He always brings candles and music and toys for our play later. I’m noticing all the attention to detail that BE puts in displayed around the room.  God I love this guy and how considerate he is.  He always wants me to feel wanted and appreciated.  That never goes un-noticed!  As a woman I drink that up!

As we head out that evening I can’t help but notice other people noticing us as a couple.  We really do look good together. When you’re with him you are the only woman in the room.  He never checks his phone, social media, or looks at other women.  When he makes you cum it’s not for his own ego but 100% for your pleasure.  This is quite a man.

At dinner we are getting so worked up flirting, touching, teasing each other that we decide to scrap the swinger’s party; we can always catch another one.  I just want him inside me.  I’m so fucking hot for him I can’t wait.  I saw the toys he brought and I’m dying for him to use them on me.

By the time we get back to the room my pussy is dripping wet and my panties are totally soaked.  He starts to undress me nice and slow.  I love how he takes his time with me.  Kissing my body and touching me all over making my clit throb.  Telling me constantly how beautiful and sexy I am.  And the way he looks at me, holy shit, this man always makes me feel amazing! He never rushes and by doing so seduces my mind till my body is overcome with longing and anticipation.

I’m told to put my wrists out.  He places some wrist cuffs on me and tells me to sit back on the bed. He then places the ankle cuffs on me. I’m then told to flip over and get my ass up.  Oh shit here comes the spreader bar, and not long after my wrists are cuffed to my ankles.  There I am ass up, legs spread, wrists shackled, face down and BE starts to slowly drag the cat of nine tails across my back softly.  Quickly he switches and gives me several lashes with it hard on my ass.  I’m letting out little moans and shreaks as he alternates between the soft tickling and the hard whipping.  He grabs the hitachi, reaches around and places it on my clit while he shoves his cock into my wet pussy.  “Oh my God”, his cock is so nice and thick in my snug wet pussy.  He’s fucking  me at the perfect angle and I can feel the orgasm building in me ready to unleash. I want to move my legs and get up on my hands and arch my back so I can cum quicker but I can’t; finally the hitachi and the pounding of that hard cock put me over the edge.  I’m cuming so hard on his cock.

BE stops fucking me and undoes my wrist cuffs from my ankles and removes the spreader bar.  He moves me over to the window and hooks my wrist cuffs to a tie that is attached to the top of the door.  I’m right next to the floor to ceiling window, naked and on display for the whole city. He grabs my hips and enters me slowly.  He’s telling me I’m fucking gorgeous, and I’m feeling it through his words and in his touch.  Knowing that any stranger could be watching us is turning me on.  I’m feeling so fucking hot and sexy. He starts pounding me from behind. The grip he has on my hips, the thickness and stiffness of his cock are making my pussy hum.  I’m feeling my legs starting to buckle as I’m building  towards another orgasm.  He puts his arm around my waist for support as he’s driving deeper into me while I start to cum. I’m up on my tip toes, wobbling, as I bend and shake while my pussy spasms through it’s next orgasm. Fuck it feels so good!

BE unhooks me from the wrist cuffs and I’m back on the bed.  He leans back and I move in to suck that cock.  I get really turned on by tasting myself on a mans cock.  I’ve noticed how I taste different on different guys…. it’s quite interesting but I’ll save that topic for a podcast.  I’m playing with just the tip and teasing him with my mouth while I use my hands to stroke the shaft.  He’s reacting and his moans are turning me on.  I want to watch him; I need to see this.  He’s had all that control and now I want to watch what I do to him.  I switch to jacking him off.  There’s nothing more exciting than having a man with his hard cock and balls in your hands while you’re stroking him off.  Knowing that not only can you make him cum with your pussy but also with your mouth and hands. Knowing that I can satisfy him in all ways is intoxicating.  I love watching BE progress as he’s more and more aroused and then finally cuming all down my hands and onto him stomach.  It doesn’t shoot out but rather flows out like an eruption form deep within.  I hold my hands there watching him, his face, hearing him as all that hot sticky cum pours out…… what turn on!

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