Nice Bag Of Tricks

Sep 15, 2017

The first time I met D I was instantly taken with him.  Some people just have a presence.  He’s so handsome….. GQ handsome….. he literally belongs in a Calvin Klien underwear add. We had lunch and I remember thinking I hope this guy kisses me on the way out.  Sure enough he did and that little teaser only left me hungry for more.

Our first encounter was very hot and it also had a humorous element to it that I’d love to tell on a podcast.  D says he’ll do one so I’ll skip the first time we had sex and jump to the second.

We met for a bite and went to great place right on the water. He’s so fun to talk to and be with.  Again I’m getting the “boyfriend experience”.  It’s nice to be treated that way.  I’ve been missing that….. and lately I’ve been really craving that and here comes D.  Right when I wanted him most.  He’s got a deep end in his pool and I love that!

We get back to the hotel and and he’s brought with him a good sized bag full of play toys!  I can’t wait to see what he’s going to pull out.  Very quickly clothes are coming off and I’m being picked up and mounted right on top of his very, very thick cock.   I have to say, for sure, this is the thickest cock I’ve ever had inside me! Unbelievable the way it fills me up.  Oh my god and it feels so good.  When a man picks you up and bounces you up and down on his cock…….. holy shit it feels amazing.  I’m getting so wet and turned on I’m sure I’m dripping all the way down to his balls. This man is cut like a Roman god and his strength makes my girl brain go crazy and my pussy react.

We move to the bed.  He takes out some leather cuffs that go around my wrist and and locks my hands together. He takes a spreader bar, considers it, but decides against it. He puts a blind fold on me. He gets behind me and starts spanking me with a paddle. I love the sting!  The other side of the paddle is soft and after each spanking I get the soft texture soothing my red hot throbbing ass.  I love the contrast and it’s very erotic. It’s so amazing when you can’t see how your other senses ignite.

After several really good spankings slides that thick cock into me……. god I love it from behind!  I can feel my whole body shudder as he pushes deep inside me.  Being completely filled by such a thick cock brings me pleasure that is truly hard to describe.  He then grabs the coconut oil, that doubles as lube, and drizzles it on my back.  He’s actually massaging me as he’s fucking me! I’ve never had this done to me and the combination is so erotic.  My god this feels so good, why has this never happened before?? This is one of my new favorite things!

All this touching and fucking combined has me so turned on.  I still have some freedom with my hands as only my wrists are cuffed together.  I grab my vibrator and start working my clit. I’m so ready to cum all over that big thick cock.  D can tell how close I am and he’s encouraging me to cum.  This nasty encouragement drives me over the edge.  I love being told to cum.  I quickly become a  quivering, shaky mess as my pussy spasms and cums.

Then D has me get on top of him.  I put both my hands right in the middle of his chiseled chest.  I lean my weight a little forward and start working my hips to ride that rock hard cock at just the right angle. I’m hitting my gspot with the nice, hard, fast strokes. My pussy is clenching that cock as tightly as I can so I can get all that hot friction right where I need it .  My legs are starting to shake as I’m right on the edge of cuming again.  I start rubbing my clit to get myself over the edge……. oh god it feels so good! I love when you cum so hard on top you just slump forward because you can’t hold yourself up anymore.

D takes off my blindfold and cuffs.  Now it’s time for me to finish him off.  I love to suck a guys cock and make him cum.  I have to admit really thick cocks like D’s are a little more of a challenge to suck.  I can only get it half way in my mouth.  It can feel like you’re going to get lock jaw.  LOL But I’m totally into it and so is he.  I love to hear him moaning and responding to what I’m doing….. getting more and more excited until I know he is going to explode into my mouth.  I’m using one hand to stroke his cock in unison with my mouth and the other to play with his balls.  As he’s getting close I reached just behind his balls and put pressure on that area with my middle and index finger.  I’m moving them in a circular motion with a lot of pressure.  D goes from zero to sixty in response to this, says out loud “holy shit”, and cums hard in my mouth.  I swallow every delicious drop!

When I’m done he asks me what I just did to him?? I’m not sure but I think I just got his prostate from the outside.  I’m very excited and turned on by this discovery.  Giving prostate orgasms was a bucket list item for me. A lot of guys don’t want you to actually stick fingers in them, D is finger averse, so this is perfect!  I can’t wait to practice this more with him!

As I leave the hotel that night and start walking down the hall I notice I’m already sore.  Damn I just got fucked really good!! Can’t wait for more of that!

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