Mind Melting Body Shaking Sex

Sep 23, 2018

It has been a while since I’d seen Cowboy N.  Our encounters are always fucking hot for me and this was no less than expected.  I was very excited to see him, you know the anticipation and butterflies you get when it’s been a while.  I love that!  Also I couldn’t wait to hug him…strange I know but he gives really good hugs. Or maybe it’s the way our bodies line up based on our height differential.  Either way it just feels good.

Seeing him again I was excitedly nervous.  We go to dinner and I can’t focus…. on the drive over I’m seriously undressing him with my eyes. Staring at his hands, wanting them all over me. My hormones are fucking raging and my clit is throbbing. He’s talking away explaining something, I’m pretending to listen intently but all I want to do is fuck. I can’t stop thinking about him being inside me.  I have to tell myself to stop staring at his crotch.  It feels like xmas morning when I was a kid and I have to wait for hours while the adults talk….. all those presents just staring right at me and I can’t touch them.  I finally relax bit;  shelving my burning desire, pay attention to him and stop objectifying him.  Is this what guys do to girls?? The struggle is real I’m here to tell you.

At dinner I eat very little as I’m starving but not for food.  This is one of my favorite salads and normally I would inhale it.  I really just want to knock it out of the way, leap over the table and sit on his face.  Are you hungry Cowboy N?? Let’s start with dessert!! Here’s some pussy a la mode.

Finally, and I do mean finally, we are back at his place.  There’s the brief chit chat before the clothes are coming off.  I’m finally kissing him and my skin is against his and those hands are one me.  Every nerve ending in my body is electrified.  Oh my god those hands….. I fucking missed those hands and the smell of him! Cowboy N is a good kisser and I absolutely love a good make out. But really I just want one thing right now…. that gorgeous cock in me.  I can’t wait to see what he has planned for me tonight. What is he going to do me?

I’m already way past sopping wet the second that hard cock enters me. I’m just a dripping mess. The second he enters me it feels like I’m quenching the deepest thirst I’ve ever had.  My mind instantly clears of it’s chatter and I’m immediately present.  Holy fuck he feels so good in me.  I’m trying to grip his cock with my pussy by clamping down but the wetness has taken over.  All I can do is feel all that stimulation he’s sending in, he’s in control of  everything.  I don’t even recognize the sounds I’m making, I’ve gone some place so primal. I’m kissing him so passionately.  I want him deeper in me and I can’t get enough.  I feel frenzied.

He interrupts the divine fucking and puts his fingers in me.  I let out the biggest moan. Oh my god I know what he is going to do to me.  He’s the only one that makes me do this….. In a few seconds I’m squirting all over the place.  Fuck I’ve missed that. And I can’t get enough of it.  Lucky for me there’s more coming…. I’m made to squirt again before he moves onto eating my pussy.  Fuck it feels so good. I ask him “what I taste like” and he answers me in such a low growl I miss it the first time.  I ask again and I hear “Mine”.  Holy shit did my brain just melt down……. fuck yes it did!

Cowboy N slides his cock back inside me, he’s sucking and biting on my nipples while he’s inside me. All the sucking and biting is making me cum like crazy.  He grabs the hitachi to pile on more orgasms.  My pussy can’t stop spasming and I’m not sure I know my first name anymore.  Seriously it’s like an “erotic delirium”.  Then he moves me into one of my favorites that he does.  He raises my hips up and fucks me from a  higher angle down into me.  Oh fuck right there, this feels so amazing every time.  It’s so intense for me I love it.

We switch it up again and now he is feeding me his cock.  I’m gagging and my eyes are watering but I want more.  I want all of it.  I love tasing myself on his cock. He’s just stuffing it down, fuck I’m so turned on.  I try to relax my throat but it only tightens as he rams it deeper.  I’m salivating like crazy as my pussy floods with wetness.  My clit is throbbing and dying to be stroked. Jesus, I’m getting my face fucked and I love it.  I’m loving every dirty second of it.

Now I’m pulled up, head forced down and ass up.  He enters me from behind……… oh god that feels so good! He’s beating my ass with his belt; it stings so good.  God I’ve wanted him to use his belt on me for so long.  My pussy is getting wetter and wetter.  He’s burning up my ass with that belt but I’m so turned on by it at the same time.  Every stinging slap makes me wetter and wetter and I’m starting to whimper a bit. He puts the belt down and just starts fucking me in perfect cadence from behind. Then, in that slow growl, Cowboy N tells me to cum on his cock. In that moment all the touching, kissing, biting, spanking, and fucking sort of hyper focus into one second. I can only concentrate on him and things he’s doing to my body and the reactions it produces. And right now it’s producing another body shaking orgasm. I am cuming all over that cock just as I was told to.

Now it’s Cowboy N’s turn.  I’m positioned upright with his hand and forearm cross my collar bone and neck and the other hand around my hip.  I know what’s coming.  I try to lean forward to release the angle and grip he has on me.  I’m instructed not to run from his cock as I’m getting pounded.  He’s relentless.  I’m being filled all the way to the bottom of my pussy.  Oh my god it’s fucking agony but I love getting used like this.  Finally he explodes and I feel his orgasm through my whole body.

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