Fit To Be Tied

Jun 20, 2017

One of the things I love the most about Cowboy N is he always keeps me guessing on what type of an encounter we are going to have.  I never try to direct it with him I always look forward to him doing whatever he’s in the mood for. It’s different every time and that makes it really fucking hot.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been with someone so diverse and creative that constantly changes it up and keeps you surprised.  We have had far too many encounters to always write about every one…… they are all standouts. But, every once in a while you get one that makes your head pop off and your pussy quiver every time you remember it.  This was definitely one of those times!

This was the first time I’d ever had a Hitachi vibrator used on me……. oh my fucking goodness……… I see what all the fuss is about!! Cowboy N was fucking me and using the Hitachi on my clit.  I was cuming like crazy.  My eyes were rolling back in my head;  I was on fire.  He then switches up to edging me with the squirting.  I love and hate this…….. I want him to make me squirt and when he stops just short of it happening it drives me crazy.  I’m dying for him to finish me off but he won’t; he’s just continuing to tease me.  I ask him why he won’t do it, “why won’t you finish me off”?  He simply tells me “because I decide”.

He reaches down on either side of the bed and grabs his ropes.  I’m instantly excited.  He hasn’t tied me up in a while and I do get so turned on by it.  We are face to face and I can kiss him, on his neck shoulders and arms while he is tying me.  I’m doing this very slowly and sneaking in little bites too.  I can feel The ropes hit my skin as they are going around. They are soft and tickle as they hit me.   Normally my rule is I don’t want to be tickled but this is exciting my senses beyond words. It gave me goose bumps and made my body quiver ever so slightly. I was so wet. That with the kissing, sucking, licking and playful biting has my mind so clear, focused and stimulated by nothing else other than him.

I end up tied in some sort of inspection position (this may not be exactly what it was by text book but close enough).  He puts his fingers in me and starts stimulating my pussy……. oh fuck yes he’s going to make me squirt!  Seconds later I finally get the release I’d been craving so badly and I’m squirting all over.  The force of his fingers in me cause some of the fluid onto my stomach leaving it dripping wet and spattered.

Finally he puts his cock back in me.  He hands me the hitachi and tells me I’d better cum or he’s going to fuck me in my ass.  I have just enough leeway from the ropes to hold the vibrator on my clit.  Tonight I get the consequence as he doesn’t want to wait.  Being fucked in the ass always hurts a bit in the beginning, but then I relax into it and it starts to feel good.  Then he puts his fingers in my sopping wet pussy.  The feeling of having both my holes filled at the same time while I’m stimulating my clit is so fucking hot!  My brain literally shuts off and all that pleasure is just rushing in overwhelming me.  Turing me into a shaking, sweating, multiple orgasmic mess!  At one point I actually whimpered, several times, because my lizard brain had turned on and I forgot the basics of the english language.

I’m not sure how many times I came like that but just when I thought I couldn’t  cum anymore Cowboy N wanted to show me one more way he gets to decide.  He said “cum Sally” (not my real name obviously).  Now it’s not in what he says but in the way he says it.  It’s not a question, it’s a command without being demanding.  Very factual and confident.  Just a statement of truth.  Almost at a lower than conversational volume.  My body reacts to it, it’s so fucking sexy to me, and as requested I did orgasm again.

There’s another decision made to stop fucking my pussy and start fucking my face.  I’m so fucking into it as he’s cramming that cock down my throat.  I’m gagging a little bit and my eyes are watering but I’m excited by it. It’s like I’m starving for it.  I love sucking his cock and I’m totally getting off on it right now.  It doesn’t take long before he’s cuming and I’m swallowing down every last drop! That hot sticky  cum is pumping down my throat and I’m gulping it in at the same speed.

When we were finished I realized that I had soaked the sheets with squirting and sweat.  Literally soaked them!! I left that night completely satisfied, dizzy, giddy, still buzzing but exhausted.

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