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Hi I'm Layla London. I'm just the girl next door who recently decided to explore her sexuality. After a 3.5 year, self imposed, dry spell I woke up one day and said "What the heck am I doing to myself?". Why have I...

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Hand Dominance

I have a hand fetish and if you’ve dated me you already know this. Today it’s all about a man’s hands and why they are so damn sexy. I want them all over me, around me, one me and inside me. For me an erotic massage,...
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How To Rock HIM In The Bedroom

Episode #279

Today’s guest, Lee Jagger, has given over 2,000 happy ending massages. She’s gone form sex work to sexpert. I took her course on hand jobs and have discovered my new favorite thing. I’ve got “Goldie” on with us today...
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Naughty Pics And Butt Plug Slips

Episode #278

Just a whole lot of fun sexy shenanigans to report on this episode! I think I have my first ever cursed butt plug, warning super glue is not your friend. I'm looking pretty good in my latest sexy pics. Building the...
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Smart Slut In A Capitalist Patriarchy

Episode #277

Today’s show has Aubrie, a return guest, who describes herself as a “smart slut in a capitalist world”. We are deep diving into her life as a sex worker. Discussing the number one reason men go to sex workers, how she...
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Q&A Year 6 Round 1

Episode #276

It's another Q&A episode where my listeners ask whatever they want. Listeners are asking me out, I've got butt plug PSA's, faking orgasm straight talk, the love and hate of one of the guys that has been on the...
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Harvard Scholar Talks Sex

Episode #275

Today’s guest, Gabriela Rosa is a Harvard Scholar and the host of the Talk Sex podcast. We are getting into so many of my favorite sexy subjects today. Self care and how it affects sexuality, how women can get more...
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Old School Dominance

Episode #274

I’ve got the man, that first sparked my interest in and taught me about dominant men, on the show with me today. Getting into all the things he imprinted on me . We’re sharing stories from the past, I’m confessing...
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Red Hot Erotica

Episode #273

Do you love erotica? Interested in exploring kinks with your partner? Today's guest “J” has been exploring his kinky side, BDSM, ethical non-monogamy, being a switch, and a budding writer of erotica all while staying...
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I Like My Sex With A Side Of Porn

Episode #272

How do you like your sex? In this episode mine comes with a side of porn. There's something so wickedly delicious about every sense in your body on overload during a sexual encounter. The visual stimulation along with...
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Strictly Anonymous

Episode #271

The queen of confessions, Kathy Kay the host of Strictly Anonymous Podcast, is on the show today. We are having some good old fashioned girl talk about guys that are great in bed but bad for us, some of her kinkiest...
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Casual Sex Dates

Episode #270

I recently reconnected with one of the original guys, Hugh, I met back in year one of this podcast. We both have so much to say when it comes to online casual dating. It's very different from when we started. We've...
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Sex, Drugs And Jesus

Episode #269

De'Vannon Hubert is on the show today. He is the author of Sex, Drugs & Jesus, a memoir about his struggles with drug addiction, homelessness, serving in the Armed Forces, an HIV+ diagnosis, and rejection from his...
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